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Oct 8, 2010
I had not had a Brazilian in a couple of years, and decided to be brave and try it again--Melissa was awesome. She definitely makes you feel comfortable and talks you through the process. It didn't take the pain away, but her easygoing personality and relaxed nature made the process as "pleasant" as one like that can be. The results are also fabulous...will definitely go back!

Oct 6, 2010
Gayle A
Melissa is truly a devotee of principles of art and beauty! We're from out of town and we always make a point to get pampered by Melissa. I also had some skin issues in the past and she's always willing to share her knowledge about what to do. Her approach is very practical; we like that. She's very professional and meticulous.

Oct 3, 2010
Allison S.
I had the girls night out package: brazilian wax, eyebrow wax, and facial for $150. Melissa gave me an amazing new brow shape, even after many many eye brow waxes I've had from other beauticians, this is the best I've ever had and will continue to see her. The Brazilian wax was yes painful, but not at all awkward. She made it comfortable and fairly short. What made it even better, was the awesome facial I received afterwards. When I left I was so comfortable I had forgotten about the pain.

Sep 29, 2010
joann b
I was so worried about having a brazilian wax done - i had heard horror stories. Melissa was amazing she walked me thru process before we started, and put me at ease. She is sure a professional! I have now been back 3 times.

Sep 23, 2010
I was so scared to go to someone new for my eyebrows, after hearing all the horror stories about eyebrows being waxed off. I went to Melissa and she did an awesome job, PERFECT! I'm definitely going back :)

Sep 18, 2010
Sun S.
Melissa is absolutely fabulous! She gave me my first Brazilian wax, and yes it is painful. But Melissa made my experience the most relaxing one possible. I also have really bad acne and she gave me the most honest advice ever, on how to cure my acne. I am so thankful I have met her. I have gone to FaceLogic, bought every crm in the book, and finally I met Melissa ; )

Sep 16, 2010
What a great experience! My eyebrows were ashambles and Melissa worked her magic to make them look great! She took her time, made the experience comfortable, and offered great tips for skin care. I recommend her to everyone!

Sep 10, 2010
Lacey C
I was a first time brazilian customer, and super nervous. Melissa was very informative, professional, and thourough. She explained everything to me before it was done, and made a could be uncomfortable situation very comfortable. She was also very quick and gentle. I will def be going back again and again!

Sep 9, 2010
Melissa delivered exactly as described; the process was simple and best of all fast!! I will be a regular...Recommended to everyone who wants great results and fast procedures

Sep 8, 2010
Jennifer L
I have only been going to Melissa for a few years and she is one of the most professional people I know. I respect her work schedule and she respects mine, but yet always has a way to fit you in if something changes. I really appreciate her dedication.

Sep 2, 2010
Cristina A
Melissa is the owner of the business and is a very competent, professional cosmetician. She has been doing my Brazilian wax and my teenage son's acne facials for about 2 years. She has a very no-nonsense approach to what can be a very personal and embarassing experience, she doesn't make you feel awkward or weird in any way. She is very strict about her schedule, so you know when you go to her she won't make you wait, nor will she make her next client wait. I strongly reccommend her!!!

Aug 31, 2010
I have spent years looking for an eyebrow person here in Vegas, and I am so glad to have found Melissa! She is professional, knowlegable, and takes her time in making sure your eyebrows are perfect! Melissa is by far hands down the best at her job!

Aug 28, 2010
Tina Y
Melissa lives up to all the other 5 star reviews on here! She's awesome at calming the nerves and answering any questions you have. I wasn't even thinking about the wax because I was too preoccupied chatting with her about our summer vacations! For other first timers, the waxing part feels like someone's pulling a Band-Aid off your skin. It does sting for a little bit afterwards, but my arms were a little numb, so I didn't feel much. I'd definitely recommend going to Melissa for a wax!

Aug 24, 2010
Lexy R
Melissa is GREAT!!! She is super friendly, patient, and very professional! She is by far the best in town and I hope everyone makes it to her atleast once.

Aug 23, 2010
Tracy S
Melissa is fantastic, friendly and extremely professional. I had another girl I went too that while good, definately wasn't in the same league as Melissa! Even though I've moved from Las Vegas to San Diego, I do still come back to visit and to see Melissa - I refuse to get a new esthetician!!! Thank you Melissa

Aug 19, 2010
Melissa is great! she's incredibly friendly, makes small talk to take your mind off the pain of getting waxed and really waxes in a way to minimize that pain. I will definitely be back.

Aug 16, 2010
Debi S
All the reviews were right on - Melissa is great! She made me feel very comfortable and did a great job. I booked my next appointment before I even left!

Aug 12, 2010
Danielle G
Great service, reasonable prices, Melissa is wonderful and very professional! I have tried many places this is one of the best! Cannot wait for my next appointment.

Aug 9, 2010
Melanie M
I've been living here in Vegas for the past 4 years and have been on a search to find the best place to get waxed. Thank god I finally found Melissa, I've had bad experiences and was almost about to give up until I was referred to Melissa. She made me feel so comfortable and was so nice that I definately will be a frequent customer. Thanks Melissa! I'll definately be back in 4 weeks for a brazilian!

Aug 9, 2010
Melissa does a fantastic job! She is kind, understanding, and professional. Not only is she knowledgeable about products and procedures (waxing and facials/skin care), she is more than happy to share information and answer any questions you may have. I have been going to Melissa for three years now and recommend her to everyone. She does excellent work!

Aug 5, 2010
Sara H
Melissa is so great! She made me feel very comfortable in what could be an uncomfortable situation. She is very knowledgeable and takes time to answer all my questions (even if they are not directly related to getting waxed). I would recommend her to anyone and will definitely be going back to her.

Aug 5, 2010
April S
Melissa did a wonderful job. She was extremely professional and took her time. It was easy to tell that she knew what she was doing. Will continue to drive the 70 miles just for her to wax my eyebrows!!!

Aug 5, 2010
christina w
Melissa was great!!!! She made me feel very comfortable! I've had many waxers over time and she by far is the best! Definitely will be going back!!!!!

Aug 4, 2010
This was my first time goint to Melissa. The girl I was going to for the past two years decided to go back to school. She was great. I would definitely recommendn her to anyone who needs to get a wax. Very nice.

Jul 29, 2010
Trish Q
Melissa was very professional and nice. She explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. Very clean And welcoming and I will definitely be back!

Jul 26, 2010
Shannon O
This was my first brazilian wax ever, and Melissa made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She is very friendly and explains everything, which helped calm my nerves. Clean and welcoming environment. The results were excellent, and I will now be a regular client!

Jul 18, 2010
Lexy R
Melissa was amazing! She was very professional, patient, and very informative. No awkward moments here! I highly recommend and encourage everyone to visit Melissa... she's the best in town for sure!

Jul 15, 2010
Jinie Kim
She is not only a professional but also good listener and she definitely has good soul! She takes her time to do the wax! I've been with Melissa over a year and I am not going to betray her for less quality!!! Can't wait till my next appointment

Jul 7, 2010
Henry S.
I found Melissa on the internet and I feel very lucky that I did! She is Wonderful, very professional and what a great personality! It was my first experience being waxed and she explained everything before and during the procedure and she made me feel very very comfortable! I highly recommend Melissa and Love to Wax to everyone!

Jul 6, 2010
Sarah L.
New to town I found Melissa through all her great reviews online. True to what everyone said she was really nice. She instantly put me at ease and talked me through some of the most painful parts. I like how she uses hard wax in the most sensitive areas. It definitely hurts less than strip wax. I'm not sure what the prices are at other places but thee prices seemed a bit high. Other than that she definitely provides top notch service!

Jun 27, 2010
I was a first timer to getting a brazilian. I was super nervous and told Melissa. She was great! Took her time and really helped me get thought my first time. I will most definitely come back to see her. :)

Jun 18, 2010
melissa does an amazing job.very thorough ,professional,and takes her time,no quick rush job here.virtually pain free and as a male client that means alot.highly recommend her.

Jun 17, 2010
Melissa is truly amazing! She is thoughtful and took the time I needed with questions. Her services have made a positive impact in my life. I am forever grateful for her time. I highly recommend Melissa!

Jun 7, 2010
Melissa is amazing - very professional, knowledgeable and personal. She makes you feel very comfortable. It was a very pleasurable experience - HIGHLY recommend her! Love the results!!!

Jun 3, 2010
great job! the place has a comfortable setting, easy to get to. tried several places in town, melissa has been the best so far. Highly recommend to others

May 29, 2010
best waxing experience thus far. Melissa is very knowledgeable on what she's doing, makes you very comfortable - it was just overall a pleasurable experience. Already booked next appointment and would highly recommend to others!!

May 25, 2010
Melissa starts with her background, so you know her work experiences and they are interesting! This was my first appointment with her and I will return when the hair grows back.

May 24, 2010
My first time and Melissa was fantastic! Very professional, very efficient and put me immediately at ease. Just talking with her for 1/2 an hour is a pleasure. Highly recommended!

Apr 26, 2010
Melissa is the best! i have been going to her now for two years and still never miss an appoint. she is very gentle and fast at what she does. I recommend the brazilian wax! I also learn something new everytime I go. She gives me helpfull tips and advice and i recommend her to anyone and everyone. She is really nice and an expert at what she does!

Apr 24, 2010
Michele R.
Melissa is a very professional, friendly & knowledgeable young lady. She works so quickly that I almost forgot she waxed my legs and more. Melissa is THE person to visit and I will recommend her to all my friends. Well done. Michèle

Apr 21, 2010
Gary M.
Melissa is absolutely wonderful. She did a great job explaining what the process was and really made me feel comfortable. This was my first time getting my body waxed and she made me feel at home and was extremely professional. I will definitely return for future visits.

Apr 21, 2010
Melissa does an amazing job at making you feel comfortable when you are being put in an extremelyvulnerbale situation such as a brazillian. I have never had one done and I was scared, nnervouce and was afraid of judgement. Pretty much as soon as we stepped into the room, she made me feel completely comfortable!

Apr 18, 2010
Melissa-- you rock! Can waxing possibly not hurt at all? Indeed it can! Melissa is super professional, meticulous and everything is very clean!!! Will be a repeat customer for sure! Thanks Melissa!

Apr 2, 2010
Melissa definitely put my fears to rest. She was very thorough, meticulous, and patient. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer. Thanks Melissa!

Mar 30, 2010
Tina Y.
Melissa did an AMAZING job at calming my fears about having a brazilian wax. I was so nervous but she put me at ease and was excellent at explaining how waxing works. I can't wait to have her do my eyebrows :)

Mar 30, 2010
Just want to say Melissa is fabulous! I went to her for my first experience at Brazilian waxing. She explained everything to expect and did and awesome job. I was completely comfortable with her. if your looking for the best Brazilian around, make an appointment with her!!

Mar 13, 2010
Melissa was great and put me at ease. She explained reasons why I have had problems with waxing in the past. No problems this time, I'll continue to see her for my eyebrow needs.

Mar 12, 2010
It was my first time with Melissa and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She gave me her professional bkground and explained her technique. It was quick with beautiful results. Highly recommended! Thank you.

Mar 12, 2010
Had eyebrows done and it was perfect. The salon was very nice and comfortable. Melissa did a fantastic job. Brows are completely symmetrical and look great. I will be a long term customer and the anytime on-line booking was east and awsome.

Mar 5, 2010
Jay W.
great service I wouldnt go anywhere else. Melissa is great and makes the whole experience very pleasant. Being a guy I was very nervous but Melissa made me comfortable

Mar 1, 2010
After getting my first brazilian wax at a new & "popular" salon, I was pretty traumatized. I decided to give Melissa a try since she was in my neighborhood & had gotten good reviews. I was absolutely terrified but it was by far the BEST experience I could EVER ask for. She is super funny & sweet, used an amazing hard wax for my sensitive areas AND explained 100 other thing that the last place never bothered to. I would recommend EVERYONE I know to go to her, and I will NEVER go anywhere else!

Feb 23, 2010
Melissa does a perfect job all the way down to your toes. I was completely happy. And what a lovely and kind person as well. I will definetely be back.

Feb 22, 2010
Relax folks, youre in good hands with Melissa. She is very thorough and gets her job very well done! Plus, she is friendly, patient, and understanding to any specific requests. I was also impressed with her explanations about waxing and hair growth...awsome! I definetly recommend Melissa... you will be happy with your results!

Feb 10, 2010
This was my first Brazilian wax, and of course I was uncomfortable. But I had a really great experience; Melissa made the idea seem less daunting, and she was very thorough. She explained everything as she went along. Great experience.

Feb 10, 2010
Melissa is always professional, friendly and pleasant. She's always flexible with scheduling especially since my schedule can be very erratic. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for an aesthetician.

Feb 7, 2010
Jim C.
Melissa has been providing me waxing services for almost 3 years now. She is very accommodating, professional and friendly. I am always very satisfied and recommend her highly.

Feb 3, 2010
Melissa did a a great job. My past experiences with getting a brazillian was not so great. She took her time and did a great job. Definetly coming back

Feb 1, 2010
Had my first Brazilian wax done with Melissa over the weekend. She's very professional and answered all my questions. The salon is clean and comfortable. I'm going to keep her! My experience was worth it, all my friends are curious now. I only recommend Melissa! She knows what she's doing. : )

Jan 24, 2010
Just recently moved to Las Vegas and was nervous about finding a new place to get my bikini wax. Thank goodness I found Melissa! Not only does she make you feel completely comfortable the entire time, she is very knowledgable about skincare. Thank you so much Melissa for an amazing first waxing experience in Las Vegas. I won't go anywhere else!!

Jan 19, 2010
Melissa is great. She's really gentle and makes you feel really comfortable. Her room is clean and she's very friendly. She does a great job, makes me feel smooth like a baby, haha! I don't think she'd ever loose a client. :)

Jan 9, 2010
Melissa is very professional and coutreous. She made me feel as comfy as you can be in such a vulnerable situation. I will definitly go back to her for my next bikini wax.

Dec 30, 2009
As many others have stated this was my first experience with waxing and melissa made me very comfortable. Not half as embarrisning or painful as I had thought it would be. Highly recommend her. Thanks Melissa

Nov 29, 2009
This was my first experience and I have to express that it is the most professional service I had received. I would recommend everyone and I definitely will return for all my waxing needs. Melissa, thank you!!

Nov 27, 2009
As a male, I'm not really "in" to getting waxing services. An appointment with Melissa puts all my concerns to rest. She's a true professional and is concerned greatly with your comfort. I can recommend her without hesitation.

Oct 16, 2009
This was awesome. My friend recommended her to me. I'm so happy that I found her. I will definetly return. I felt so comfortable during my waxing service.

Sep 25, 2009
Very professional, friendly, and flexible. I called for an appointment and she made me feel number 1 on her list of clients. I would definately recommend Melissa to those seeking an Aesthetician.

Sep 24, 2009
Melissa was great. I found her through a Google search and I am so glad I did! She was very professional, yet friendly and relaxed. I wasn't sure what to expect for my first Brazilian wax but she told me everything I needed to know and made me feel very comfortable.

Sep 7, 2009
Kelly M
Went to melissa for my first brazillian wax, she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, she is very approachable and a friendly easy going attitude, definitely recommend her to anyone whether it's your first or 100th time....great!

Sep 6, 2009
Michael S
I've been going to Melissa for, I think, over a year now. Ever since the first time, I knew she was the only person I would want to go and get waxed from. She definitely knows what she's doing and is delightful to talk to. Being a male getting waxed has it's taboos, but if you are curious and wanting to try it out for the first time, I would highly recommend going to see Melissa. You'll never want to stop!

Aug 29, 2009
I went to Melissa for my first Brazilian and her knowledge of skincare and professionalism certainly reduced my anxiety. The entire experience was not nearly as painful as I was expecting. I am so glad that I went to Melissa and will continue to only go to her for my waxing and skin care needs. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone, especially the nervous and sensitive.

Aug 17, 2009
Tina's Mom Lyndi
Melissa knows her stuff. I had many questions and she answered all of them with patience. I felt so relaxed with her. I am going back and I will only go to her. Great experience she is amazing!!!!

Aug 10, 2009
Gretel A
After reading all the positive reviews from Melissa's clients, I decided to schedule an appointment with her for a Brazilian wax during my stay in Vegas. Wow! Her clients were right about everything they wrote! I was extremely impressed with her service. Melissa has a very warm and friendly personality, yet maintains a high level of professionalism. I am even thinking of flying back to Vegas just so I can get my Brazilian done with her again. She is that good (and I am extremely picky)!

Aug 9, 2009
Carey S
I had never had a brazillian wax before (or any wax for that matter) and Melissa was great! She is very professional. She takes the time to educate and put you at ease. The whole experience was much better than I thought it could be.

Aug 2, 2009
Tabetha M
I don't even know what to say as all the other reviews cover all of the praise I could ever give Melissa. I went to Melissa for my first brazillian, and I felt 100% at ease. She made for the best possible experience and I would recommend her to anyone!

Jul 31, 2009
Ashlee K
Like others have said, Melissa is incredibly professional and I feel completely at ease with her! I definitely recommend her to anyone that wants a Brazilian wax. I was really nervous the first time, but she has a wonderful ability to reassure you. I can't thank her enough!!!

Jul 28, 2009
Vanessa F
I went to Melissa for a first time Brazilian wax. She put me at ease and gave me total confidence in her. She provided an absolute amazing service and she has a client for life!!

Jul 25, 2009
Cheryl E
I had an awesome experience with her and would most definitely recommend her. She made me completely comfortable and it was great getting to know her as well.

Jul 19, 2009
Melissa does the best waxing I've ever had. A perfect job, no irritation. Her nurturing personality makes her treatments more than just a treatment, you feel taken care of in many ways. She is geniune and really cares about her clients and giving them the best quality service. I highly recommend her and her skin products are amazing.

Jul 18, 2009
Aimee R
Melissa is completely professional and makes your experience very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and answers any questions you may have! I have seen her twice now and when I leave I feel extremely satisfied in her services...she has a way of not making things "awkward!" I came to her becasue I read good reviews and now I add to all the wonderful things everyone is saying about Melissa. I would definitely recommend her to my closest friends or anyone else for that matter!

Jul 17, 2009
Tina L
Very informative, knows her stuff. Very personable and friendly. Took her "deal" of $200.00 for complete facial work-up and got the full-size products that she advertises. Did not schedule any maintenance facials, she rather you buy her products. Advised on facial issues to my satisfaction, but did not deal with one of my main concerns of sun damage to my neck area. All in all, a nice hour spent.

Jul 11, 2009
Melissa is "Perfection" in her profession. I have been getting waxed for over 5 years and she continuously exceeds my expectations. Not only is she an excellent Aesthician, she also cares about her clients and treats us as if we were a guest in her house. She waxes my eyebrows and other areas, and leaves me with a sense of satisfaction every time. If you want the best, GO SEE MELISSA!!!!

Jul 1, 2009
Lluvia A
Melissa is a great Aesthetician i had the best experience ever. I have been with other but non as friendly & kind like Melissa. I will definately keep going back to her and will be sending my friends and family to her!!!

Jun 7, 2009
Paige V
I went to Melissa for my first brow wax and tint ever. I was so amazed at the results and how she was able to arch my brows that had no shape and were all over the place. I also was able to get help with my skin that is not that great. She spent so much time with me and made me feel like I was her only client. I also am impressed with her Cosmedix line. It is AWESOME stuff. Thank you Melissa, you are wonderful and so good at what you do. I will refer everyone I know to you for your service.

Jun 2, 2009
Melissa is great! Very personable, friendly and made the whole experience comfortable. I will definitely be reccomending her to friends and family. Thanks again! See you in a month!

May 26, 2009
Sandra C
Melissa puts you at ease in those uncomfortable situations. It is always so easy to make an appointment through her online website as well as right over the phone. She takes pride in what she does and she does her job well.

May 26, 2009
I would recommend anyone interested in waxing services to go to Melissa. She is very friendly and makes it easy to schedule next day appointments. Thanks!

May 17, 2009
Rachel S
Melissa did a bikini wax for me yesterday, & I was astounded by her professionalism, her tact, & her ability to put me @ ease in a situation that normally would strike fear in any woman's heart @ the thought of the possible humiliation & pain about to be inflicted on her! The pain was surprisingly tolerable & I was never embarassed due to Melissa's endearingly sweet demeanor. I will ABSOLUTELY be back! Thank You so much Melissa!

May 8, 2009
Tammy S
Perfect experience. Will be back for sure. Very professional, accomidating and personable. Melissa made me feel like a friend just coming in to chat.

Apr 29, 2009
Orlando B
Visiting from San Francisco and haven't had a facial in a while, found Melissa via Google and decided to give her a try. I'm glad I did! Very informative, educated me about my skin and how to better care for it. Melissa is great, she took her time and take great care of me. Thanks, Melissa!

Feb 15, 2009
Diana M
this was my first time going to melissa, she was very verrryy good! i definitely will be going back to her :) she made me feel very comfortable like i was a guest in her home with awesome service! everyone that needs a brazilian wax should go to her!!

Jan 1, 2009
sophia c
I have been going regularly to Melissa for a Brazilian wax. My experiences with her were always positive. Melissa is extremely nice and always had the ability to make me feel comfortable. She also is very knowledgeable about the work that she does. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Nov 14, 2008
Sharon G
This was my first time visiting Melissa's shop. I was completely impressed with her service, prices, and customer service! I would highly recommend her to EVERYONE!

Nov 5, 2008
Kiffany R
Not only does Melissa know what she is doing and informing you about, she is also very positive and comforting. Just being in her presence I feel empowered. Her technique is great and answers any questions I have! I will defnately continue coming to her and refer anyone and everyone!

Nov 1, 2008
Christina L.
Melissa is great i felt right at home and never felt uncomfortable with my 1st brazliian wax.. I'm defentaily will keep going back to contiue waxing.

Oct 31, 2008
Sharon M
I'm a regular customer who loves the opportunity to "book on line! I get my brows waxed regularly and won't go anywhere else! She's a pro! I love the service!

Oct 18, 2008
ahleli w
Melissa was thorough on what my problem was with my skin condition. I will mostly like not remember all the great information she had told me but I was very impressed. I was very comfortable with during my first visit and can't wait for my next.

Sep 13, 2008
Liz A
Melissa is amazing! I always have a great experience with her! I've never had my brows tinted before, and now I probably won't ever go without it! Very natural looking

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