About Melissa Chandler...

Intimidated by the thought of getting a brazilian wax?  
Have you had a less than desirable eyebrow waxing experience?  

My demeanor puts the most nervous first-time waxers at ease!  Whether it's a back wax, chest wax, brow wax or in-between wax; you're in good hands!

I specialize in Brazilian waxing.  However, brow shaping is another area I excel in! If you're having difficulty finding the right shape, put the tweezers down and call me! 

I also offer online appointment scheduling, 24/7!  Book your appointment online!
(702) 332-1865   |    9085 W Post Rd #120  Las Vegas, Nevada  89148  (map)

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Phone/text:  (702) 332-1865

By Appointment Only
Mon - Fri -  9:30am to 7pm
Sat -  10:00am to 2:00pm
Sun -  Closed

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9085 W Post Rd #120
Las Vegas, NV  89148

SW Las Vegas near the 215 freeway & Durango/Sunset exit.  Behind Southern Hills Hospital.